Our services

All our work is carried out at the request of our clients, but always aiming at the best final need to reach the final consumer.
Through our experience in creating logos, labels and websites, we can provide complete advice so that the final work is professionally represented. Our way of working is to attend not to what the client wants, but to what he is going to need as a tool to attract more clients and sales. We work developing the digital and printed supports with the highest demand in the wine, beer and dairy sectors.
We also offer the fully administrable, easy-to-navigate websites for online sales. Designing wine and craft beer labels is our specialty.

Our Services

Graphic design


For your food packaging or product cases, container boxes and more

Web design

Self-managing, easy-to-navigate and optimized sites for fast content loading


Label Design

For wines, beers, oils, honeys, dairy products, toiletries, and what you need for your products



Do you need to present your prototype? We do it, in real size or scale simulating endings



We mainly serve the wine market with printing of adhesive labels with different finishes, from 1,000 units


Make an attractive flyer for your followers and make a difference on Instagram or Facebook

We're dreamers

About us

We are graphic design professionals and we continue here, working for the dream that we started more than 10 years ago. A complex path, but full of experiences, happy to graphically support our clients, who have relied on Doxx’s expertise to create different supports, ranging from a simple flyer to full development for a product line.


Sureños de corazón, based in Santiago de Chile, when it comes to development, distance is not an obstacle no matter how minimal the request. Technology increasingly brings us closer to people and unexplored points, therefore, if it is about new challenges, we work in line with the quality that characterizes us, giving the most support, providing ideas and caring for every detail as if it were for U.S. We are in Santiago de Chile and Concepción

Team Doxx


"I am very happy to have chosen to work with Doxx Graphic Studio. They gave me professional service, excellent prices and guaranteed satisfaction. Many thanks to Doxx Graphic Studio for their great work!".
Andrea Sarmiento
Marketing Manager